How to Create Login API Key to Login to WDesignkit Account?

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In WDesignKit, you can create a Login API Key that allows others to log in to your account without the need to share your username and password. This feature provides an additional layer of security and convenience, allowing authorised individuals to access your account securely. With the Login API Key, you can grant temporary access to specific individuals without compromising your login credentials.

1. To create a login API, log in to your account in the WDesignkit app, from the Dashboard, go to Manage Licence > API Key.

2. In the Create a new API Key field, add a name for the API, then click on Generate Key button, and your API key will be generated.

Now you can use this API key to log in to your WDesignKit account without using a username or password.

To do so, copy the API key by clicking the copy button. 

Then go to the login page from the WDesignKit plugin and click on the Connect via api key button.

Note: The API key can be used to log in to the WDesignKit account from the plugin page only.

On the next screen, paste your API key and click the Log In button to log in to your account.

wdesignkit create api key

This way, you can securely allow someone to access your WDesignKit account from the plugin page without sharing your login details.

This can be a useful feature to get any support where you need to give your account access. 

Delete API Key

If you want to remove the login access of someone, you can easily do that by deleting the specific API key.

To do so, click on the delete icon beside the API key and then click Yes in the confirmation popup to delete the API key.

wdesignkit delete api key