How to Share Elementor Widget or Gutenberg Block for Public?

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With WDesignKit, sharing your Elementor widgets or Gutenberg blocks with other WDesignKit users for public use is a straightforward process. This powerful feature enables you to easily share your custom-designed widgets or blocks, allowing other users to benefit from your creations in their own projects.

Requirement  – This feature is a part of The WDesignKit, make sure it’s installed & activated to enjoy all its powers.

To share your custom widget or block publicly, first, you have to upload your widget or block to the server. Learn the process. 

Go to the WDesignKit website and log into your account.

Then go to My Widgets > My Uploaded. Here you’ll see your uploaded widgets. 

Go to the widget you want to share publicly, click on the three dots, and then click Edit

It will take you to the edit page, where you can edit the widget information.

To make a widget or block public make sure the Title and Description fields are filled.  

Then, select Public from the Status dropdown and click the Save button.

Now you’ll see a new button Submit for Approval, click on it.

Your widget or block will be sent for approval once the admin approves the widget or block you’ll get an approved message on this page.

But if it is rejected you’ll see a rejected message, you can edit the information and again send it for approval.

wdesignkit make widget public

Once your widget or block is approved it will be available to all the WDesignKit users. If you go to the Browse Widget page from the WDesignKit plugin, you’ll be able to see your widget or block.

Note: For some reason, If you make an approved widget or block private and again make it public you don’t have to send it for approval.