How to Share Workspace With Others via Email?

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You can add members to your workspace via email and share all the private templates within the workspace with them.

Note: Make sure the user you are adding as a member is a WDesignKit registered user.

You can add members to your workspace from the WDesignKit app only.

1. Once logged in to your account, go to Manage Workspace

2. Here you’ll find all your workspaces, click on the workspace you want to add members in.

On the next page, you can see all the templates and widgets in the workspace by using the dropdown filter on the right. 

3. On that page, click on the Manage Member link.

4. It will open the Manage Workspace popup. Make sure Want to add a new member? toggle is enabled,

5. In the email field, add the user’s email id with whom you want to share the workspace.

Note: Make sure to add the email id that was used to register in the WDesignKit by the user. 

After entering the email, click on the Add button, this way, you can add multiple members at once.

6. Then in the next field, you have to choose the role of the user. Here you’ll find two options – 

Subscriber – With this role, user can only download and use the templates within the workspace. This user can only view the workspace.

Editor – With this role user can download the templates, delete the template, add or remove members.

You can check the Send Invitation Email checkbox if you want to send an email to the user.

Then in the textarea you can add some description if you want.

7. Once done, click on the Invite button, it will add the user to your workspace as a member.

add member wdesignkit

Now you can go to My Templates > Shared With Me, here you’ll see all the templates you have shared with your members and also the templates that are shared with you.

Note: You can also get the same information from the Shared With Me page of the WDesignKit plugin.

The added members can also see the workspace from their Manage Workspace page, and based on their role, they can edit the workspace and its templates. 

Delete a Workspace Member

If you want to delete a member from your workspace, you can easily do that from the WDesignKit app. 

1. To do so, log in to your account and then go to Manage Workspace

2. Then click on the workspace you want to delete the member from.

3. On the next page, click on the Manage Member link.

In the Manage Workspace popup, you can easily manage your members. You can change the role of an existing member as well as delete a member.

4. To delete a member click on the delete icon beside the member email id. It will open a confirmation popup click on Yes to delete the member. 

delete member wdesignkit