How to Use Gallery Control to Create a Gallery Field?

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Are you looking to provide a seamless way for users to create image galleries within your custom Elementor widget? The Gallery control is the perfect solution, allowing users to easily add multiple images and create galleries with just a few clicks.

To check the complete feature overview documentation of The WDesignKit Widget Builder, click here.

Requirement  – This feature is a part of The WDesignKit, make sure it’s installed & activated to enjoy all its powers.

To add a gallery option, in the Widget Builder, search and add Gallery control in the Layout. Now in the right sidebar of the HTML tab, you’ll see the unique name of the Gallery control.

Click on it, and it will open a dropdown. To use the Gallery control, you have to create a loop, so from the dropdown click on the Loop option.

It will add a loop HTML in the editor.

Now, you have to add the image URL inside the loop. So remove the <!– Enter Repeater code here –> part from the code. 

To add an image you have to add the img tag with src like this <img src=””>, then place the cursor between the double quotes and click on the URL option to add the image URL.

Note: You can wrap the whole loop HTML or the img tag with more custom div classes and use custom CSS in the CSS tab to style the gallery better. Learn more. 

Once done, click on the Save button to save the widget.

Now, you’ll have a gallery option within your custom Elementor widget.

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